WATCH: Actor Who Was Dragged Off Jimmy Kimmel Show By Security For Groping Ivanka Trump Is FIRED From Movie For Sexual Harassment Claims

When “comedian” Andy Dick repeatedly slid his hands up and down Ivanka Trump’s legs during her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, his liberal audience laughed. To Kimmel’s credit, (and believe me, we don’t give Kimmel credit for much of anything) after seeing Ivanka becoming flustered by his inappropriate behavior, Kimmel got fed up with the actions of his guest host and actually asked to have him removed from the stage by security.

It’s hard to say if the whole security guard entrance was a set-up for comedic purposes, but in any event, Kimmel did make the point that he was standing up for Ivanka, and refused to sit back and watch Andy Dick make uncomfortable and unwanted advances on her.

Kimmel was, of course, quick to defend Trump’s daughter on his show. But that was during the pre-Obama era of 2007…when Jimmy Kimmel and all of Hollywood loved Donald Trump. Who could’ve possibly imagined that only 9 years later, Trump would betray the liberal Democrat cesspool of Hollywood, and put his passion for defending the forgotten man, or the everyday American before the false idols of liberal Hollywood?

As Hollywood continues its implosion… it looks like Andy Dick’s chickens are finally coming home to roost.

Hollywood Reporter – Though the 51-year-old actor denies he groped anyone, he does admit to other inappropriate behavior: “I might have kissed somebody on the cheek to say goodbye and then licked them. That’s my thing.”
Andy Dick has been dropped from the independent feature film Raising Buchanan following accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct on set.

The Hollywood Reporter was not able to reach any of the alleged victims, however, two sources detailed Dick’s inappropriate behavior, which included groping people’s genitals, unwanted kissing/licking and sexual propositions of at least four members of the production. It’s unclear if those involved were actors or crew.

Late Monday, THR spoke to Dick, who confirmed he was let go from his small role in the film. Though he vehemently denied groping claims, he said it’s possible that he licked people and he confirmed that he did make advances on others.

To anyone who has followed Dick’s legal troubles, his well-documented history of outlandish comedy and often intentionally offensive behavior, his dismissal may not come as a surprise. But the claims can be seen as more unsettling in today’s cultural climate in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. (Or ousted figures like Bill O’Reilly, Amazon Studios’ Roy Price, political journalist Mark Halperin, The Loud House creator Chris Savino, and the list goes on.)


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